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Stumbled upon a website today that took me by surprise. The web page opened up and started asking me preference based questions. In the end it showed me a complete graph of my personality with regards to other people who have taken part in the exercise. Surprisingly it wasnt a drag. Here is my personality graph.


Ionz seem to be a Digital brand strategy/research consultancy(of what i understood from the website). An interesting way to carry out surveys.

Create your own graph

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Economy + Internet trends

Came across Mary Meeker’s Economy & Internet Trends Presentation presented on 20th october 2009 at the web.2.0 summit at SF. The presentations seems quite insightful. Scroll down if you are not good with charts and graphs, and you will find analysis and conclusions.
Mary Meeker’s Internet Presentation 2009

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Designing Social Interfaces

Designing social interfaces: Principles, Patterns, and Practices for improving the user experience is a book written by Christian crumlish and Erin Malone.

“This book presents a family of social web design principles and interaction patterns that we have observed and codified, thus capturing user-experience best practices and emerging social web customs for web 2.0 practitioners.”


Check out their Flickr photostream, includes some of the model

More about the book

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The Berlin Twitter wall

The city of berlin has launched a Living online memorial on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.


Go to Berlin Twitter wall . com

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Collaborative Q&A site for UX professionals is a new collaborative Q&A site for user experience professionals.

“The goal is to build a community-led, authoritative resource on the User Experience disciplines. It’s a place where people new to our industry can ask questions about best practice and approaches to user experience and where experienced practitioners can help teach new skills and learn from each other. Like Stack Overflow (the platform this site is built on), we don’t run UX Exchange – the community does. It is collaboratively built and maintained by you. If you like a question or answer, up-vote it. If you don’t, down-vote it. Over time, UX Exchange will become increasingly valuable when there is a consensus on good information which will serve the community for the future.”

Go to

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Twitter chat exploring the social future of healthcare

This Thursday Frog design hosted a one hour live conversation on Twitter to follow u on the Fast company article “The Future of health care is social” .


“The chat brought healthcare professionals and thought leaders, reporters, bloggers, and designers together for a lively discussion that offered provocative insights on the article. Participants in the chat took a critical look at how “health and life science technology solutions [could] one day become a natural part of our behavior and lifestyle” and the incentives and social networks that would make this viable for adoption.”

View the complete discussion on Designmind blog

Download the PDF of  “The future of healthcare is social

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Users approach to corporate postings on social networks and RSS

A User research conducted on how users approach corporate postings on social networks and RSS

“Summary: Users like the simplicity of messages that pass into oblivion over time, but were frequently frustrated by unscannable writing, overly frequent postings, and their inability to locate companies on social networks.”

Read how the research was conducted, criteria and findings on

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As User experience grows and evolves

“As the field of user experience grows and evolves, UX practitioners find themselves having to master new techniques to take on new challenges. Adaptive Path’s Jesse James Garrett takes a look at where user experience has been and where it’s going.”

Watch video


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What would a Deal Between Twitter and Google mean to small business and marketeers

Heard the buzz about Twitter talking to both Google and Microsoft about licensing a full feed of tweets. Maybe its a rumor, but sounds pretty exciting.

“A deal of this type would allow Google and Microsoft to add detailed Twitter information and tweets to their search algorithms.  This would mean Twitter could potentially become important to search engine results and would need to be included in search engine optimization (SEO) programs.”

“More Search Engine Traffic for Twitt and marketeers”

“Real Time Search Might Actually Go Mainstream. Are you Publishing in Real Time? Are You Reacting in Real Time?”

Read more on hubspot

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Dialogue – Social design

Designers David Stairs and Valerie Casey debate the value of so many players vying to help the world.

“It’s so terribly trendy to care, about the poor, the environment, and every form of ‘betterment’ that I begin to assume we must be selling more design by fetishizing social relevance,” – David stairs

Read the complete dialogue on Designobserver

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