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Twitter chat exploring the social future of healthcare

This Thursday Frog design hosted a one hour live conversation on Twitter to follow u on the Fast company article “The Future of health care is social” .


“The chat brought healthcare professionals and thought leaders, reporters, bloggers, and designers together for a lively discussion that offered provocative insights on the article. Participants in the chat took a critical look at how “health and life science technology solutions [could] one day become a natural part of our behavior and lifestyle” and the incentives and social networks that would make this viable for adoption.”

View the complete discussion on Designmind blog

Download the PDF of  “The future of healthcare is social


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Computer Usage among the over 50 user segment

A research carried out by Which? for a book ‘Computing Made Easy for the Over 50s‘, found out that:

“Nearly six in ten over 50 year olds have access to a computer and on average they spend more than half an hour a day using it for non-work activities.”

“Almost eight in ten over 50s told Which? that they feel fairly competent or very competent using a computer, but around one in five said they did not feel very competent, and around seven in ten had experienced frustrations with computers in the past year.”

“Viruses, computers crashing and uncertainty over whether to trust websites were the main gripes.”

“Many over 50s have never heard of or don’t understand some common computing jargon, including Wiki (47 per cent), ISP (34 per cent), Skype (44 per cent) and Vista (39 per cent).”

Via Usability news

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Google wave beta test beings

google_wave_logo-747727Browser-based tool that combines email, instant messaging and real-time collaboration has begun its beta testing. Did you get an invite?

Today at 4pm BST the company will send out invitations to 100,000 users for further beta testing, including developers, people who signed up early and some users of Google Apps, it announced in a blog post.

Lars Rasmussen, the brain behind Google Maps and now engineering manager for Wave at Google’s Australian offices, said Google has “focused almost exclusively on scalability, stability, speed and usability”. But he also warned that Google Wave hasn’t implemented all key features and isn’t ready for “prime time”, because bugs are still likely.

Go to google announcement

(via Guardian)

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Leveraging LIVE Services – Tom Tom

story-09-TomTomXL340S-1TomTom is moving its LIVE services from premium devices to mid-range devices.

“TomTom is committed to delivering real-time information to drivers whenever they need it, so they can quickly search online for points of interest, route around traffic, find the best fuel prices or access the latest weather reports Relevant Products/Services,” said Jocelyn Vigreux, president of TomTom. “Backed by the strength of AT&T’s network, we’re giving drivers the very best foundation on which to enjoy a range of useful, real-time services.”

The TomTom XL 340S LIVE includes TomTom’s exclusive IQ Routes technology. It calculates routes based on historical speed measurements for every time of day and for every road segment, from large highways to small local roads. In up to 35 percent of all cases, drivers get a faster route, saving significant travel time, money and fuel, TomTom promises.

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