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Social Media Usage Policies

I agree that a social media policy is a must have in any kind of organization. I often get surprised when my friends tell me that their companies have banned Social networks at work(Ref: Survey prooves that 54% companies prohibit social media use). I came across this article on Harvardbusiness blogs on what a social media policy should convey. Here is an abstract:

We want you to use social media. Make it clear that your company, your key teams (like marketing, sales and customer support) and your executive are supportive of employee social media use. Senior managers need to lead by example, so that employees know what effective social media use looks like.

We need you to follow best practices. It’s emergent technology, so best practices vary. You need to define the best practices for your brand, culture and customers. Offer employees training, how-to guides and web sites that will help them understand the most essential principles in your policy.

We expect you to distinguish between personal, professional and corporate social media. Respect your employees’ desire to use social media for personal communication and expression, and ask them to exercise simple good judgment around how their personal activities or comments online could reflect on your company or brand. Encourage employees to attend to developing their own professional networks and reputations online, since this will make them more effective and valuable to you. And be clear about who is mandated to represent your corporate brand in social media (it could be your whole company!), and when and how it’s appropriate for other employees to speak out on your behalf.

We share risk management responsibility. Stressing all the things that employees shouldn’t do puts the burden of responsibility on the employee. Particularly in the current economy, many employees will conclude that the safest course of action is disengagement. Let employees know that you’ll help them manage the risks of engagement by offering constructive guidelines, real-time advice when requested, and assistance resolving issues.

We reward the effective use of social media. Be clear that making smart use of social media is part of the path to career advancement. Acknowledge, thank, and reward employees who have been early standard-bearers. Encourage employees to build social media into their workday, and provide guidelines on how much online time is appropriate in different roles or departments. Reward results–like great customer feedback or usable insights–rather than volume of activity. ”

Via Harvardbusiness blogs

Why i posted this? I am carrying out research on the topic “how to avoid the risk of a product becoming obsolete before it enters the market” and a gut tells me that social media could be benificial .

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