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Joi Ito talks about Creative Commons, Twitter, and the White House

560px-joichi_ito_headshot_2007Very interesting interview with Joi Ito, chief executive of Creative Commons, where he talks about C.C licensing, and how Twitter can make money from mobiles.

Charles Arthur: how does Creative Commons makes its money? Where is the money coming from?
Joi Ito: I beg. (laughs)

CA: Is that sort of the classic problem with the sharealike style corporation?
JI: Or non-profit. We could come up with a business model – we’re thinking about it – I was on board of icann, but they make a bazillion dollars, they make $50m or so

CA: from registration?
JI: From registration, and I’m on board of Mozilla, which gets about $70m from Google.. so business models are possible.

Non-profits are difficult, but there are certain things that you have to do as a non-profits, the World Wide Web Consortum wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t nonprofit, and as a nonprofit it also has financial problems. Having said that, Icann has a business model that is a cause of a lot of their problems. Governance is a lot easier when you’re a non-profit.

Read full interview

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